Are you ready to become the sexual being you are?


Whether in a partnered relationship or not, sexual pleasure is your birthright.

From time to time, it's natural to have obstacles and this is where I can help.


Who is this for?

I help bi-sexual, heterosexual, homosexual folk, and all flavours of orientation and gender in between.

Single? Married? Poly? Assexual? It’s complicated?


I’ve got ya, my door is open for you.

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50min Coaching Session £75 (online £60)

6 Coaching Sessions for 5 £390 (online £300)

*sessions are held in Nottingham, UK. A discount is offered for online sessions. Surrounding areas available with expenses

Check out my FAQ's
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I work mostly with women but mainly, I work on the basis of who I vibe well with so book a FREE 10min online discovery call with me.

You can give me a brief outline of the concern that you want to address and we can have an idea of what it would be like to work together.

If I feel that you would be best served by another professional, I have an ever-expanding network of peers and colleagues to whom I can refer you.

Check out my FAQ's
Book your free discovery call


What can you talk about with me?

✨ self-pleasuring ✨

✨ kink or BDSM ✨

✨ threesomes or group sex ✨

✨ difficulty with orgasm ✨

✨ delayed or early ejaculation ✨

...and lots more

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That's great news - I celebrate your bravery and boldness and I can't wait for us to get started!

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together we can uncover your unbridled self-expression, sensuality & creativity

“Lee-ann is a very capable and strong person that is able to use her femininity as an alchemy … She does this through deep listening and then methodically and patiently working through each and every area of concern... and is creatively inspirational; a vibrant and magnetic businesswoman.”

"...the idea of buying any sort of toys, aids etc a few weeks ago was something I’d never have considered, I always viewed it with a bit of a stigma that it was weird, so I appreciate you bringing me round to seeing the value in it and making me realise that it’s actually quite normal."

"Thank you for organising the session. You are an astounding lady and I admire how you are breaking boundaries and developing your new business. Your championing of women and role modelling of the importance of celebrating our individual beauty at all the stages of our lives, is wonderful. Inner beauty, outer beauty! You rock!"