Love & appreciate your beautiful body


You are gorgeous


You are beautiful


You are hot!


But I understand that you might have a bit of trouble believing that sometimes.

I get it because we're constantly bombarded with marketing company's suggestions of what beautiful is.

They force-feed us these images of ideal bodies to make you feel bad about your own so that you buy their stuff

the slimming products

the anti-aging creams

the ridiculous and inconsistent sizing of clothes*

 *on what planet is a UK 12 'Large' or 'Extra Large'? FFS


Use the products and wear the clothes ... but because YOU want to, not because you believe they will make you more attractive.


take back your own opinion of what it means to be beautiful

If you don't like the way you look in the buff, you might have a hard time feeling sexy and vibrant and orgasmic.

I don't have to tell you how that can really affect your self-confidence and self-esteem and that those things can feel pretty shitte.


If feeling bad about yourself isn't enough to motivate you, perhaps I should tell you that poor self-esteem and confidence will affect your relationships and your work.


It will also impact the way that you parent or influence any children in your life; would you want them to think of themselves the way that you feel about your own body?


I guess you wouldn't .

How good can you feel?

Can you imagine getting out of the shower, applying moisturiser to your skin, feeling it tingle under your own touch?


Appraising and appreciating your own reflection - even the parts of you that you used to hide - noticing the parts of you that really please your own eye.


Walking naked across your bedroom confident under the gaze of a lover, knowing that they desire you. And why wouldn't they?


Leave your home feeling tip top and about to nail that working day or boss the school run.


This, my darling, is what it feels like to love and appreciate your body exactly as it is and let me tell you, it is

👉🏼 alluring

👉🏼 empowering

👉🏼 confidence-boosting


🔥 sexy as fuck!

So here, my darling, is something that might help.


From the outset, these negative self-talk loops have probably taken a good while to settle into your psyche, so it'll take a little bit of time to reframe those messages.

Tantalisingly little and often, sex kitten, is what's going to bring the most amount of benefit for you.

So start here with this short meditation about how amazing your body is.

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... and that's it

As well as studying sexology for over three years with the pioneer of sex coaching herself, Dr Patti Britton I've taught 1000+ hours of yoga classes as an experienced registered yoga teacher so I know a thing or two about getting back into your body.

So you're in safe hands with me.

All my love,

"Wow, this was incredible, thank you so much. So inclusive and a really wonderful tool I will definitely be using regularly. ❤️"

“Lee-ann is a very capable and strong person that is able to use her femininity as an alchemy … She does this through deep listening and then methodically and patiently working through each and every area of concern... and is creatively inspirational; a vibrant and magnetic businesswoman.”

Thank you Lee-Ann. Such a beautiful encouraging meditation. I really enjoyed it. Cheers!

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