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My coaching sessions are generally online with individuals or couples but occasionally I fling open my doors and make it a bigger party with group events.


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Some of my events are tailored only to those who own vibrant vulvas, others only to those with perky penises.

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Perhaps you're a penis-owner who likes to please another penis?

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I love your openness and the way that you always share with the group. You are bright and never afraid to give opinions even when they might be different to the opinion of others ... Thank you for our lovely group. It's good to have you in our lives.


What a treat to listen to Lee-ann speak. She is passionate, knowledgeable and puts her audience at complete ease. I love her approach and mission and am excited to see how she can, and will, improve the pleasure experience for so many.


As always, I love hearing your input, you bring such knowledge to the group and often a different perspective. I can never thank you enough for making this group happen, it's such a great part of my life, and would feel a bit lost without it!