King of the Bedroom Workshop


Take your king by the hand and guide him to his throne.

Introducing the

Ultimate King of the Bedroom Workshop



Come along with an open mind and your amazing communication skills to celebrate, honour, and worship the male in your life like never before!


Welcome to an electrifying couples' experience that will reignite the spark and reign as the bedroom champions. Hosted by me, Nottingham’s only Certified Sex Coach at the very fabulous Purple Mamba, Exclusive Private Members Club


🔥 Explore the uncharted territories of pleasure.

💪 Empower your King with confidence and techniques.

🤩 Unleash the intimacy that makes your connection soar.


In this wildly entertaining and educational workshop, we'll dive deep into the secrets of male sensuality, laugh a bit, and throw in some anatomical wisdom for good measure.


Let's revitalise your love life and leave you both gasping for more. I'll use my charm and a dash of humour, and believe me you're in for an unforgettable experience.

What will this entail

👑 A reintroduction to your partner's penis & pleasure equipment


👑 Elements of conscious sexuality


👑 Interactive, hands-on workshop for couples

... expect nudity, swear words and expert verbal guidance from yours truly.

What to wear / bring

For him

We’ll ease him into being naked from the waist down, option to wear a loose top, open shirt or go the whole hog and be completely naked in your glory

There will be lots of sensation, intense eye contact and visual stimulation (some opt for a tactical wank beforehand)

There’s no judgement or expectation for how long you take your pleasure


For you

Dress for his eyes, wear his favourite lingerie or something of his favourite colour

You might be kneeling or sitting on the floor but there are plenty of props to keep you comfy

Make sure your nails/jewellery are not sharp

Embrace and step into your sensuality, beauty and sexiness


Workshop - £25 per couple

Workshop + Entry to the club - £50 per couple

*Membership not required for workshop

Enthusiastic consent is super-sexy and is the only way, so do feel welcome to only give or receive as much pleasure as you are willing. It is optional to have guidance from Lee-ann but there is no expectation for you to interact intimately with other people in the workshop.


The focus of this workshop is HIS pleasure - which you might find can be an incredible turn-on for you - so feel free to enjoy the club when the workshop has finished.


Come, reignite the flames, celebrate your King, and rule the bedroom together! Don't miss this regal adventure.

Spaces are limited, so book now.

💫 💫 💫

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I'm Lee-ann, your Certified Sex Coach

Embark on this transformational journey with me, a seasoned and certified sex coach, clinical sexologist, women's circle creator and host and experienced yoga teacher. I've a passion for bringing the fun and helping individuals like you achieve their deepest desires.

I bring a wealth of experience with a non-judgmental, supportive approach to guide you every step of the way.

If you're ready to take your sex life to the next level,

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Let's uncover your unbridled self-expression, sensuality & creativity

“The impression I got from your website & especially your emails was that you would be easy to talk to & I would say you met & exceeded those expectations.”

Lee-ann has a rare ability to anchor you as a client within your romantic experiences and allow you ... to gain insight and clarity into what is stopping you from having sexual and intimate confidence ...she has a true understanding of what makes a person tick from a psychological, emotional and physical understanding.

I appreciate the ideas you have given me, it’s certainly added more variety to my practice and I feel there is now so much more I can still try ... I have found you very easy to talk to ... your approach and methods have really put me at ease, so I appreciate that.

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