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Unlock the secrets to a fulfilling sex life

Are you ready to elevate every aspect of your life, from pleasure to intimacy, and unleash your full potential?

Look no further!

Introducing my exclusive ongoing Pleasure Pass coaching program, which I've designed to revolutionise your life in the most intimate and empowering ways possible.

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you deserve a life filled with pleasure and satisfaction in all areas

I'm Lee-ann, your Certified Sex Coach

Embark on this transformational journey with me, a seasoned and certified sex coach, clinical sexologist, women's circle creator and host and experienced yoga teacher. I've a passion for bringing the fun and helping individuals like you achieve their deepest desires.

I bring a wealth of experience with a non-judgmental, supportive approach to guide you every step of the way.

If you're ready to take your sex life to the next level,

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💑 Embrace a Co-Active Coaching Relationship 💑

With me as your guide, experience the power of co-active coaching. The dynamic collaboration ensures that you are an active participant in your own growth - you're always in the driver, I'll be in the passenger seat accompanying and guiding you on your journey. Together, we'll explore the uncharted territories of pleasure and intimacy, leading to newfound confidence and bliss.


🚀 Accelerate Progress with Frequent Sessions 🚀

Avoid the frustration of starting from square one between monthly coaching calls. Your ongoing Pleasure Pass empowers you with more frequent sessions. We'll begin with a regular 50min coaching session, followed by a regular weekly half-hour check in. This means you can fine-tune your goals, track your progress, and make the most significant strides toward unlocking the full potential of your sex life.

We'll also be able to have text chats in between our sessions.


🎯 What to Expect from Ongoing Pleasure Coaching 🎯

✨ Discover Deeper Intimacy: Unlock the secrets of intimacy, nurturing stronger connections with your partner and yourself.

✨ Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Leave behind insecurities and self-doubt, embracing a newfound sense of confidence and empowerment.

✨ Explore New Techniques: Learn cutting-edge techniques to amplify pleasure and create unforgettable moments.

✨ Tailored for you: Every coaching session is personalized to address your unique needs and desires.

✨ Non-Judgmental Space: Feel safe and supported throughout your journey of exploration and growth.

✨ Sustainable Results: Cultivate lasting changes that extend beyond the bedroom, influencing all aspects of your life.

🔥 Set Your Life Ablaze with Fulfillment! 🔥

The time is now to take charge of your happiness and embrace the pleasure you deserve.


Say yes to your Pleasure Path and embark on a journey of self-discovery, passion, and transformation with me, your dedicated certified sex coach, in your corner.


Limited Spaces Available!

My schedule gets busy so I only offer a small handful of these spaces - I want to make sure you are getting the best of my attention. Secure your spot and start experiencing the profound impact of pleasure coaching on your life!

What's involved

✨ Weekly coaching session ✨

Online sessions of 30mins for ongoing coaching and checking-in

We'll get to know each other and I will support and encourage you with your sexual goals and concerns.

*Our first meeting will be a regular 50min coaching session


✨ A regular weekly slice of one-to-one attention✨

Block out my diary and have my attention at the same time each week


✨ On-the-spot support inbetween sessions ✨ 

Quick, light-bite check-ins to keep you on track for the week.


✨ Online access to resources ✨

If there are things you want to remember from each session I can record them for you to view back. Also any online resources that I think will be helpful will be accessible.


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Ready to know more?

This is a very personal and intimate journey so it is important that we both feel comfortable working with one another.

Book a discovery call with me today and we'll see if we're the right fit. 

It needs to be right for you

Pleasure Pass £275 / per month

Let's uncover your unbridled self-expression, sensuality & creativity

“Lee-ann is a very capable and strong person that is able to use her femininity as an alchemy … She does this through deep listening and then methodically and patiently working through each and every area of concern... and is creatively inspirational; a vibrant and magnetic businesswoman.”

Lee-ann put me at ease and the conversation came easily.

I felt I could open up to her about my personal thoughts and trust her with my most private thoughts and desires.Lee-ann is amazing.

I appreciate the ideas you have given me, it’s certainly added more variety to my practice and I feel there is now so much more I can still try ... I have found you very easy to talk to ... your approach and methods have really put me at ease, so I appreciate that.

Pleasure Pass £275 / per month