Pleasure Pathfinders

💫 ignite your curiosity,

💫 empower yourself with knowledge

💫 spark meaningful conversations

💫 and enhance your sexual experiences

like never before!

I'm just about pee'ing my pants to introduce my new series of monthly events, designed to help you have all that good stuff because I know what it is to feel

😢 distracted and disconnected during sex

😢 undesirable

😢 that sex was something other women initiated or enjoyed

I’ve been on a journey of my own to rid myself of these things that get in the way

come with me, I'll show you how

Each month in Nottingham I'll delve into intriguing topics around pleasure and sex to whet your whistle

Expect drinks, giggles, and honest conversations.

You'll make new friends, you'll learn something you didn’t know about your body and you will definitely learn about how you can receive and give more pleasure.

All of my coaching work requires elements of re-education about one part of sex or another.

I’ve studied for hundreds of hours so that I can give you the nuggets you need, when you need them, and can tell you where to put the batteries and where to stick it.

I’ll be going deep with The Stuff so I won't be expecting you to remember all of the juicy details, but as a member of this pleasure-seeking crew, you’ll also have access to online resources.

Each session will have an accompanying online video hosted within my VIP community that YOU will be a part of, so you can revisit the info as many times as you like.

There really is no substitute for face-to-face contact with other adventurers but if you are unable to attend in-person events in Nottingham, I’m also offering the option to have online access only.

This will be the best club you've ever been part of - an adventure like no other.

Pleasure comes in many guises and I want you to be able to stand the fuck up and shout about the kind that you want.

It’s yours for the taking, babe.

What you need to know

This monthly sauce club  subscription will be fully lubed and vibe-ready at only

£40 / month

 and will include

🔥 online community of fantastic women

🔥 monthly themed masterclass to watch and learn from in the comfort of your own home

🔥 free access to monthly live meet-ups in Nottingham, normally £25


Are you already all-in? I can offer you an annual membership for just

£300 / year

Join me before 31July 23 as an early thrill-seeker and these prices will remain locked in because, like most good things, it will go up 😉

What kind of topics can you expect to learn about?

🔥 Pleasure anatomy

🔥 Sex toys

🔥 Oral sex - 101

🔥 Non-vanilla

🔥 How to initiate

🔥 Talkin' Dirty

We'll meet on the 1st Thursday of every month'll be welcomed with a glass of prosecco or orange juice at

Vodka Revolution,

The Cornerhouse, Forman Street,

Nottingham NG1 4DB

7:00 - 8:30pm on Thursday 7th September

Grab your space

Who am I?

I'm a Certified Sex Coach™️ and Clinical Sexologist.

I'm also an experienced registered yoga teacher and Women's Circle creator and host. I know how to get people back into their bodies - more here.

I'm a mum of two boys, a wife and a doggo mumma, as well as being a study junkie and an anatomy geek. I like to take the technical information and make it


Grab your space

Buckle up & let's go - there's fuckery to be had!

“Lee-ann has a rare ability to anchor you as a client within your romantic experiences and allow you... to gain insight and clarity into what is stopping you from having sexual and intimacy confidence"

Lee-ann put me at ease and the conversation came easily.

I felt I could open up to her about my personal thoughts and trust her with my most private thoughts and desires.Lee-ann is amazing.

I appreciate the ideas you have given me, it’s certainly added more variety to my practice and I feel there is now so much more I can still try ... I have found you very easy to talk to ... your approach and methods have really put me at ease, so I appreciate that.