Talk to your Teens* about sex

(*not just teens, but pre-teens and young adults, too.)


Having "The Talk" is really difficult for some parents.

But the sad reality is that some people grow up believing sex is in some way shameful, dirty or something to be embarrassed about simply because their parent or carer was hugely uncomfortable when they spoke about the birds and the bees.

And what do birds and bees have to do with it, anyway??

I can support you with conversations around

👉🏼 periods & menstruation

👉🏼 masturbation

👉🏼 heterosexual & LGBTQ+ relationships

👉🏼 consent

👉🏼 sexual health

...and lots more

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How can I help you?

If you've had a look around my website or on my social media profiles, you'll see that I am passionate about factual information but it's important to me that I teach with humour, compassion and kindness. This has come in handy whilst teaching over 1000 hours of yoga classes to adults, teens and children.

I do not get embarrassed easily and I certainly do not wear any judge-y pants. Having studied sexology extensively, believe me, I've seen it all.

what the young people say...

“I felt that I was able to ask a question and that I would get an honest answer.

Lee-ann was very approachable.”

"I found out so many new words and meanings!"

"The session was informative, but led a way that was connected to us as students - informal and enjoyable"

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PSHE Programs in Schools

You might also be interested to know that I teach young adults about healthy sex & relationships in forward-thinking schools. (If you're a teacher and you'd like some support within your PSHE program, hit me up!)

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Lee-ann brings an authority and knowledge to a subject that teachers often find difficult to explore with their students. Lee-ann led sessions with a sense of humour, creating a relaxed atmosphere where students were able to explore their own knowledge. Students felt the sessions nurtured a safe and supportive environment to ask questions and discuss some of the issues raised”

Head of Sixth Form

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