Upgrade your Twosome Tango


The gift of sizzling connection

Hey there, spice seekers and intimacy enthusiasts!

Looking to give the ultimate gift this festive season? Well, ho-ho-hold on tight because I've got something that'll set your festive season ablaze!


Whether you have been with your partner for a long time or you are just getting started, you both deserve the kind of sex that makes you feel

✨ fizzy ✨

✨ sparkly ✨

✨ satisfied ✨

✨ vibrant ✨

and so I introduce the

Twosome Tangle Upgrade


A fun couples coaching package to really spice things up and revive the playfulness for you both.


Upgrade your Twosome Tango here


✨ What's included ✨


This is a package of 3 sessions during which I will use sexology, anatomy & physiology and even yoga techniques to coach you.

I'm a creative kinda gal, you can be sure I will think outside the toybox to get you the fun that you both want.

Individual Sessions

Get up close and personal with two individual sessions — one for each of you. It's not just about your relationship as a couple; it's about each of you as individuals.

And let's be Frank, 'cos Frank's cool, this isn't a cookie-cutter approach; I'm offering you individual sessions custom-tailored to each of your different pleasure goals.


🔍 Exploring Your Desires:

Let's delve into your wildest dreams and deepest yearnings. Whether it's exploring fantasies, discovering erogenous zones, or uncovering new paths to pleasure, these sessions are all about YOU.

Dive into your deepest desires, quirks, and bedroom dreams with - there's no judgment or shaming at this party, tales of all your turn-on's are welcome here.


🤔 Identifying Blocks:

I'll help you unveil any hurdles or mental blocks that might be holding back your personal pleasure journey. From inhibitions to uncertainties, we'll tackle them head-on to pave the way for unbridled satisfaction.


🔥 Igniting Passion:

Whether it's enhancing self-pleasure techniques, experimenting with new sensations, or finding what lights your fire, we'll craft a roadmap tailored to YOUR pleasure goals.

The Power of Together


💫 The third session is where the magic truly unfolds... 💫


All together, we'll explore how to deepen your intimacy, refine communication, and crank up that connection dial.

I'll help you communicate your desires that we discussed in your individual sessions and we will co-create an action plan to get the feelings and experiences to please you both.

Expect light-hearted yet knowledgable conversations, honesty and very likely, giggles.

You'll both emerge feeling bolder, brighter, and bursting with newfound passion and curiosity.


all for just


You can even gift this to your partner for Christmas.

...what are you waiting for?


Upgrade your Twosome Tango here

I'm Lee-ann, your Certified Sex Coach

Embark on this transformational journey with me, a seasoned and certified sex coach, clinical sexologist, women's circle creator and host and experienced yoga teacher. I've a passion for bringing the fun and helping individuals like you achieve their deepest desires.

I bring a wealth of experience with a non-judgmental, supportive approach to guide you every step of the way.

If you're ready to take your sex life to the next level,

Upgrade your Twosome Tango here

Let's uncover your unbridled self-expression, sensuality & creativity

The impression I got from your website and especially your emails was that you would be easy to talk to & I would say you met and exceeded those expectations.

I appreciate the ideas you have given me, it’s certainly added more variety to my practice and I feel there is now so much more I can still try ... I have found you very easy to talk to ... your approach and methods have really put me at ease, so I appreciate that.

It was ruddy good fun talking to you yesterday! Loved your enthusiasm and love for your work and the people you help!

Upgrade your Twosome Tango here