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I'm Lee-ann, and I'm a Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist. I coach people to feel empowered and vibrant using their sexuality for a pleasure-filled and happy life.

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Hey sexy

I'm Lee-ann, I coach people to feel empowered and vibrant using their sexuality for a pleasure-filled and happy life.

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Inspired Sensuality for International Women's Day '24

A fun and inclusive women-only workshop in the heart of Nottingham to have you inspiredĀ and fizzing with your own pleasure potential.

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Maybe you enjoy sex and want more of the good stuff?

Perhaps you think that other people are having more fun than you?

You might even struggle to experience pleasure or orgasm.


Sexual pleasure is a key component of sexual wellness and that plays a huge part in your overall wellbeing and health.

I think we don’t give it the air time it deserves.

The study of sex is a serious business and I’m on a mission to help people feel sexually confident, empowered, and joyous, whether in a relationship or happily single.

I’m on a life-long journey in pursuit of pleasure and have amassed hundreds of hours of studies of different yogic and mindful practices & sexology.

Here I am, ready to be your biggest cheerleader in finding what floats your boat in the very best way.


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"Lee-ann is a very capable and strong person that is able to use her femininity as an alchemy … She does this through deep listening and then methodically and patiently working through each and every area of concern."



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Love letters

Lee-ann is an engaging speaker. She delivers with warmth and humour, putting her audience at ease. She had everyone laughing within seconds of beginning her talk. I loved how passionate and knowledgeable she is around her subject. She was a joy to listen to and I would recommend having her to speak at events.

Lisa Newport Style, Nottingham

What a treat to listen to Lee-ann speak. She is passionate, knowledgeable and puts her audience at complete ease. I love her approach and mission and am excited to see how she can, and will, improve the pleasure experience for so many.

Alison Thomas
Unique And Loved

Lee-ann put me at ease and the conversation came easily. I felt I could open up to her about my personal thoughts and trust her with my most private thoughts and desires.

Lee-ann is amazing.


Ashby de la Zouch
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